1. Selective HerbicidesClick to view

2. Total HerbicidesClick to view

3. InsecticidesClick to view

4. What is "Drift"?Click to view

5. Which factors affect drift?Click to view

6. In which way does the droplets size affect drift?Click to view

7. Which influence does the nozzle type and size have?Click to view

8. Which effect has the nozzle orientation?Click to view

9. Which effect does the spray height have?Click to view

Herbicide Resistance

1. What is Herbicide resistance?Click to view

2. What is Selective Pressure?Click to view

3. Which effect has Herbicide Persistance in the Soil?Click to view

4. What makes Weed Populations more or less susceptible to resistance?Click to view

5. What do do to avoid Herbicide Resistance?Click to view

6. What are the factors determining the selection of Biotypes resistant to Herbicides?Click to view

Generic Agrochemicals

1. What are Generic Agrochemicals?Click to view

2. What is the APVMA?Click to view

3. Are generic agrochemicals generally of inferior standard?Click to view

4. Do generic producers deserve the support of the farmers?Click to view

5. Does the multi national industry market generics in Australia?Click to view

6. Do multi national companies source generic products in developing countries?Click to view